Carlo Santulli MEng THESIS
(UniversitÓ di Roma- La Sapienza; 1988-1990)

Quality evaluation on filament winding kevlar-epoxy pressure vessels during hydraulic tests by acoustic emission and strain gauge measurements

Destination: racing cars (Ferrari) as antifiring tools
Service pressure: 10 bar

Fibres: three layers: +25░, -25░, 90░.
Aluminium inserts for pressurisation

Two models:
A: with no internal separation
B: divided in two parts to contain two different substances

According to CARP procedures (steps of 10 bars, holding during 5 minutes)
Maximum test pressure: 40 bars. Some vessels were tested up to collapse

A respected CARP guidelines (Felicity ratio, no AE at load holdings)
B showed in most cases problems of pressurisation (insertion of aluminium parts) and did no more CARP guidelines over 30 bars and much greater transverse strain than A.


SISTEMA COMPOSITI - Colleferro (Italy)

Other activities related with my thesis

1. Study and experimentation on tensile behaviour of carbon/epoxy unidirectional 0░ composites by means of acoustic emission (observation of Kaiser effect during repeated tensile loading)
2. Participation to EAMA Group meetings, concerning the possibility to evaluate tensile tests behaviour of Carbon/BMI unidirectional 0░ and 90░ composites by acoustic emission and the opportunity to perform a Round Robin program on this problem.

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