Brief story of my family

My family originated from Vibo Valentia, in Calabria.
From this town Raffaele Santullo came in 1860 to follow Garibaldi in his fortunate invasion of Southern Italy.
From history we know that Garibaldi slept two nights in Vibo Valentia, named Monteleone Calabro at the time, during his campaign, in late August 1860.
Raffaele played the trumpet in the army and followed Garibaldi up to the Volturno river battle, then put his residence in Teverola, not far from the battlefield.
His family followed him in Campania after the war. He had a number of sons and at least one daughter, Margherita, who went married to a wealthy mills owner, Aniello Tartarone (a palace with the initials of Tartarone, AT, on the door footstep is still visible in Aversa, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, "abbasc' a scesa").

The first son of Raffaele was Federico (born ca. 1848/1850 - died 1925) and his second son was Enrico, a doctor and neurologist ("freniatra") (born ca. 1851- died 1922).
I found traces of Enrico's professional activity in some medical conferences from 1883 to 1894.
In the latter year Enrico was the director of Ospedale Civile di Arezzo and is mentioned as "cavaliere".
Other sons were Giuseppe (Peppino), that died in 1922 as well, and had three sons, Salvatore, Raffaele and Aniello, and Giovanni.
The house named from the Santullo is in Aversa, in via Roma, and was inherited by Giuseppe's sons.
Raffaele with two of his sons, Federico and Giovanni, founded a chocolate and sweet firm (confetteria), that lasted from before 1890 to the late Twenties, collaborating with a number of firms very popular at that time, such as Pelino-Sulmona and Unica-Torino.
Enrico's son, Carlo, was in charge of a private bank, the Banco di Sconto Santullo, that closed down in 1933, when the effects of the '29 crisis arrived in Italy.
The son of Federico Santullo, Raffaele (1880-1953), started therefore to work in an insurance company (Lloyd Triestino) in the same 1933. Raffaele was my grandfather: I am the son of his third son, Vincenzo.
Raffaele's brother, also named Vincenzo (1882-1909) was a priest in Aversa: he left a number of his sermons, still as manuscripts. The descendants of my grandfather are renamed Santulli (originally a mistake in the birth register) from 1952.

As a matter of fact, there were Santullo in Monteleone as far back as the First World War. Antonio Santullo fu Antonio is reported as a Monteleone citizen, dead in that war (see the Monumento ai Caduti in Vibo).
Another branch of the Santullo come from Lauria (Potenza), but I don't have a clue (honestly) if the two are related, although I came into contact with a number of Santullo from the Lauria side.

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