• The first photo is taken at an amateur run at Vivaro Romano

  • Here I am in Florence (1990) with some friends before the start of the 100 km run (Firenze-Faenza)

  • In the same year (great year, 1990!) I was in Monte Rufeno for another, shorter run, and here is the photo.
    You can notice there is something unfair in our team. I am looking somewhere else, most probably down the valley

  • Theatre and music

  • In this photo I am playing in "Natale in Casa Cupiello" during an amatorial exhibition in Rome (1992).

  • >LI> Here, I am portrayed with the other actors just after the performance of "Cercasi famiglia", a play by Mimmo Basile (at the centre in the photo), in March 1993, San Marco Theatre - Rome, Laurentino

  • Here below I am in the group of people participating to Verso la Musica, "illustrated concerts" (Rome, 1996).
    I didn't play indeed, since I was the art director (wow!)

  • Other events...

  • My car was involved in river Tanaro flooding in Alessandria (6 November 1994): here it is, two days later. However, it was working for a number of years after that (until now, probably: I sold it in 1998).

    A library card (CNR-Rome) with my name(1990)

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