Here are photos of different moments and situations of my life:
  • When I was 9 months old

  • At about 3 years of age in Northern Italy (Lake Maggiore)
  • My first pre-school day (Oct. 1968)
  • My class in the second year of primary school (1970-71)
  • Me with Eugenia on the day of our marriage (4/9/1994)
  • This is the day of my PhD graduation (18th December 2000)

    and the day of my MA in history (6th July 2001)

    Here is where I was (trying to) work (back in 2003)


  • Eugenia again, as a baby in Spain (1972)

    and pregnant of our daughter (November 1999)

  • Here me and Eugenia in Liverpool, in front of the Catholic Cathedral!

    And this is our daughter Lucia (born on December 9th, 1999)

    sleeping and awake

    As a proud dad, I made also a special page with Lucia's photos

    On 2nd September 2005, our son

    Francesco was born.

    And he also has his page

    Eugenia, Lucia and Francesco (September 2007)

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