1. Conception and development of a fibre optics acoustic emission sensor

This sensor, based on Michelson interferometry principle, was realised with two optical fibres inserted in a support, that can be glued directly on the surface of materials to be tested.
It can be used as a high temperature tool and/or as a "one-off" device; it suffers no electromagnetic influence and show little variation of properties between different sensors.

2. Tests for comparison of a fibre optics acoustic emission sensor with conventional piezoelectric sensors

Market survey and bibliographic research on the possibilities of a fibre optics acoustic emission sensor (problems it could solve, difficulties envisaged and possible market extension)
Comparison of performances of PZT acoustic emission sensors and fibre optic sensors on a basic cases (tensile test up to yielding on ferritic steel specimens, observation of steel specimens cooling after thermal solicitation provided by a soldering gun).

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