I am a material scientist with interests in composites, smart materials, sustainable materials, biomimetics and non-destructive testing (NDT)
e.g., acoustic emission, thermal imaging and LASER vibrometry.

Here is a presentation of my research work.

UNIVERSITA' DI ROMA - LA SAPIENZA (from September 2006)
1. Applications of plant (phormium, celery, jute, hemp, kenaf, okra, pineapple) and basalt fibre thermosetting and thermoplastic composites and their hybridization with E-glass fibre composites
2. Mechanical characterisation and non-destructive testing of composites and metal hydrides (acoustic emission)
3. Applications of IR thermography (buried objects detection, impact damage characterisation)
4. Bio-dielectrics with natural fibres
5. Biomimetics and bio-inspired design (in collaboration with Seconda UniversitÓ di Napoli)

UNIVERSITY OF READING (November 2001-August 2006)
1. Non-destructive control on vegetable tissues using LASER vibration
2. Plant fibres ( flax , hemp, jute) as glass fibre replacement in large volume products
3. Development of smart actuators from polyelectrolyte gel/composite coupling
4. Reconstruction of the middle ear using LASER vibration
5. Cricket Inspired Perception (CICADA and CILIA)
6. IR thermography of natural fibre composites and balsa wood

UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM (November 1999-October 2001)
1. Compression moulding optimisation to improve impact performance of E-glass/polypropylene composites
2. Impact damage characterisation using infrared thermography
3. Moulding and testing of demonstrator components for automotive applications

(January 1997-December 1999; on site from October 1998 to October 1999)
1. Post-impact residual properties of jute/polyester compared with E-glass/polyester composites
2. Acoustic emission and thermal imaging (SPATE, Deltatherm) for post-impact damage assessment on composites
3. Impact and indentation damage characterisation on jute/polyester and E-glass/polyester composites

JRC-ISIS ISPRA (August 1996- May 1998)
1. Thermal and acoustic emission to mechanical behaviour prediction on shape memory alloys (Ni-Ti)
2. Acousto-ultrasonics and acoustic emission for mechanical assessment of bonded and tapered joints
3. Development of a Michelson interferometry-based acoustic emission sensor
4. Thermal damage analysis and acoustic emission damage localisation on honeycomb panels
5. Tensile tests monitoring of carbon/epoxy laminates using acoustic emission and thermal emission
6. Acoustic emission damage monitoring on titanium dental implants

1. Fatigue delamination monitoring by infrared thermography on quasi-isotropic carbon-epoxy laminates
2. Compression after impact tests characterisation on quasi-isotropic carbon-epoxy plates by infrared thermography.

1. Fatigue monitoring on carbon/epoxy composites by acoustic emission, C-Scan and replicas
2. Technical study, in-service observation and performance evaluation of acoustic emission systems
(work for the European Commission)

JRC ISPRA (1994-1995)
1. Al/Al bonded joints (EAMA) in-process cure monitoring with acoustic emission for quality assessment
2. Tensile and fatigue behaviour of metal matrix composites by acoustic emission and SEM
3. Pattern recognition on acoustoultrasonic waveforms on steel bonded joints through neural networks
4. Proportionality limit measurement in composite materials by acoustic and thermal emission
5. Acoustic emission evaluation of thermal fatigue on thin ceramic (TiN, CN) layers for cutting materials (WC-Co)
6. Fatigue performance study on pretensioned unidirectional (90) carbon-epoxy by acoustic emission
7. Aluminium honeycomb damage detection via acoustic emission and thermography

1. Tensile behaviour in unidirectional carbon/epoxy monitored by acoustic emission (Kaiser effect)
2. EAMA Group Bench Mark on AE measurements during Carbon-BMI tensile tests
3. Acoustic emission and acoustoultrasonics on welded composite joints (ALENIA) during bending tests
4. Post-impact compression tests on stitched materials monitored with acoustic emission and image analysis
5. VAMAS Round Robin on bending tests on zirconia/yttria(ZrO2/Y2O3) with acoustic emission and SEM observations
6. Atmospheric degradation monitoring by acoustic emission of two statues in Fontana di Trevi.

Universita' di Roma- La Sapienza (1988-1990)
Hydraulic tests of filament wound kevlar-epoxy pressure vessels using acoustic emission and strain gauges.

A photo of mine with colleagues at a course (Aquila, June 1997):

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